4 Meditation Benefits Rarely Considered

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By Scott Dziadul

I first began using meditation for anxiety and stress a few years ago. Things were changing in my life, and I really wasn’t ready for it to be different. So I did the last thing I could think of to try and feel better, meditate.

I didn’t realize the full potential of the practice, yet. After using it consistently, it has not only been an effective treatment for the anxiety I felt, but has helped with some unmeasurable characteristics as well.

I put together a small list of just a few of the changes I’ve noticed, experienced, and felt in the last few months of my practice. I had practiced intermittently for just about a year, but these last few months I’ve been spending time every day with it. Since then, the most notable self-realizations began.

Increased self-esteem: I went through a real nasty divorce. During that time, I allowed my ex to make me feel I wasn’t worth what I know I am today. For a long time, I had allowed my self-worth to be determined by others. Meditation has helped me see that my true worth comes from within, and not by the misunderstandings of others.

Increased compassion: I recently came across an article that examined the link between meditation and compassion. Researchers found a significant connection between the two that only validated my personal experience. I have found it much easier to put myself in others’ shoes and understand there is more than what we see at first glance. It’s still a practice and I continue to work on it, trying to remind myself daily, but I have come quite far from the animosity that used to occupy my thoughts.

Appreciating simple moments: I have never just stopped, looked at a tree or stared into the sky, and noticed the activity around me so much more than I have over the last few months. Often, I will stop and take notice of right now, trying to stay in the moment as much as possible. Hiking a trail, sitting by the campfire, playing with the kids, or tasting the perfect strawberry. I’ve learned to appreciate these simple moments.

Acceptance: When I couldn’t get over my divorce, it was because I couldn’t accept what had happened. So many things had gone wrong. I never believed I could get over anything. But it was amazing how quickly I started to see things clearer once I began meditating. It wasn’t long before I came to realize that sometimes it just is what it is. Sometimes bad things have to happen in order to make room for greater things.

As you can see, meditation benefits an array of attributes, both physical and emotional. From the changes I’ve experienced for myself over the last few months, I’m excited to continue the practice and see where else it will lead me.


Learning how to meditate can help you in all areas of your life. Start with having a better understanding of yourself. It is the first step to happiness. Follow my blog to see how it incorporates into my life.

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