Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace (paperback)


Learn how to achieve true inner peace and happiness through mindfulness meditation using a unique 12-step approach that guides you in a simple and straightforward manner. For international orders, please visit Amazon.com.

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Transform Your Life and Relationships with the 12 Steps of the Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Through the clear instructions and simple exercises, you will gain a solid foundation of this time-tested ancient practice, and get the results you want. Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple explains the exact meditation techniques in an easy-to-follow process. It then gives you tips for enhancing your practice.

Foreword by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, best-selling author of Mindfulness in Plain English.

In today’s world, many people are coming to the realization that searching for happiness through achievements and material possessions simply adds to their rising stress levels, only bringing them more chaos and unhappiness.

As they are forced to re-evaluate the direction of their lives, they begin searching for an alternate road to happiness and inner peace. This is why millions of people are taking up the practice of mindfulness meditation.

True inner peace only comes through the realization of who you are at the deepest level, and development of the inner strength to meet life’s challenges. When you are ready to be truly at peace, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple will show you the way.

Through this new and unique 12-step approach, you will learn how to:

– Overcome the stress of daily life
– Improve your health and well-being
– Heal the emotional wounds from your past
– Improve your relationships with loved ones
– Discover your true potential

And when you see for yourself that you’re connected with the rest of humanity, loneliness and insecurity will disappear forever.

“In a hands-on style, this book effectively cuts through common obstacles to the practice.” —Sharon Salzberg, author of New York Times best seller Real Happiness

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