Finding the Meaning of Life through Mindfulness, Meditation, and Gratitude

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By Ben Knights

The demands of modern society can leave us stuck in a routine that feels alien to our life’s purpose. Whilst working 9 to 5 and running errands are a necessity in order to get by, it’s inevitable there will come a time when you will ask yourself; “What is the meaning of all of this?” That single moment will no doubt occur in your hours of need.

Some may ignore that small sign from the universe to explore what the meaning of life actually is, and others will obsess trying to find it. Neither path will get you any closer to the meaning of life, for it is the experience of feeling alive that you must seek.

Practicing Mindfulness

You can experience feeling alive in an instant, because the truth is, you can find mindfulness in all ordinary moments of your day. Focus your attention on the sounds around you right now, pause and listen to the tones and vibrations, and accept these noises just as they are.

Now shift your attention to your body, and ask yourself how you feel physically. Take note of your aches and pains; notice the contact your body has with the chair and your feet to the floor. Place one hand on your stomach, and capture the movements in your body as you breathe. Examine the lengths in your breath whilst consciously making these deeper.

Practicing these small rituals are teaching you to live in the present moment. You’re allowing these noises to be heard instead of purposefully being shut out along with your crowded busy mind.

These easy methods can be done literally anywhere when you have a few moments to yourself – commuting, eating lunch, or sitting at your desk. Anytime you need to come home to yourself and feel alive, absorb what is going on around you, and observe how you feel.


When you’re seeking to engage in a more awakened lifestyle, you should consider taking at least 10 minutes out of your busy life to meditate.

Meditation is your core communication with the universe, and helps you find clarity, develop concentration, and boosts positive emotions. You don’t need to sit in a silent room to meditate, although this helps when you’re first starting out. You can stay where you’re comfortable.

Simply close your eyes and begin with your mindfulness practice. Listen to your surroundings, pull your attention to your body, and then focus on your breathing. Counting your breaths from 1 to 10 can help if you notice you mind wandering. Letting your mind wander is OK, as long as you can notice it happening and have the ability to refocus your attention back on to your breath. The idea is that you notice these thoughts, but don’t dwell on them.

This meditation technique may not work for everyone, but keep practicing until you find one that sits well with you. Perhaps join a meditation group, or listen to healing mantras or sanskrits. Focusing and chanting mantras can open pathways to the divine, whilst you rest in your newfound stillness.


Our egos make it extremely easy to look past aspects in life that we should be grateful for. While we’re busy searching for happiness, we fail to realize or savor things we already have that make our lives rich.

Greed feeds the hunger of the ego. The ego makes us believe we want to spend more, see more, and do more, and by listening to these demands we will never reach that fulfillment we all desire to have.

There is nothing wrong with buying or doing nice things, but gratitude shouldn’t be forgotten, especially when you are starting to live a more mindful life.

Each morning or evening, ensure to take a few minutes to sit and write five things you are grateful for, and why. You will soon come to realize that there are many people, moments, and objects to be grateful for. You will be conscious to express gratitude during your day when something happens that makes you smile.

These small customs may not appear to be necessary, but if practiced daily, they can be life changing. You will feel alive, awakened, and lead a life full of purpose.


My name is Ben and I started Spiritual Awakening Tips to help everyone who is embarking on their own spiritual journey and needs a small bit of guidance along the road.

A spiritual awakening can often be a scary, lonesome path, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By talking about the topic, and letting others know that what they are going through is not only normal, but magical, we can start to transform this world into a more spiritual one. Let us awaken the spiritual forces that reside inside.

Need help learning mindfulness meditation? Check out Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner peace (paperback).


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