The Negative Health Impact Of Stress [Infographic]

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By Study Medicine Europe

In 2020, the negative impact of stress can be felt in all areas of our lives. There is a profound and challenging struggle in understanding what is driving our stress, what its real impacts are, and ways we can manage our stress for our well-being. Having complementary daily strategies in place to manage and actively work to minimise stress is key to caring for your health in a holistic way that nurtures your long-term well-being.

Why Is A Holistic Approach Necessary For Stress Management?

Holistic steps play a significant role in approaching a health issue like stress because the triggers are genuinely multifaceted. Additionally, the impacts are far-reaching therefore dynamic methodologies can help you to work towards a healthier life.

In fact, says that, “Mental health and physical health are inextricably linked, with evidence for a strong relationship between the two accumulating over recent decades and challenging the historical notion of mind-body duality.” They go further to say that public mental health has been recognised as integral to public health, therefore emphasising the New Economics Foundation’s five evidence-based actions individuals can take for their well-being: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, and give.

A comprehensive combination of mindfulness, rest, rejuvenation, prioritising your physical health through diet and exercise, specialist and community support, and lifestyle planning are a starting point for you to approach handling stress as a well-being strategy rather than a stress strategy alone.

Learn More About The Negative Impacts Of Stress To Care For Yourself

This infographic is designed to help you as you work to nurture your health in a mindful way. Study Medicine Europe has shared the graphic to support you with key facts about the physical and mental impacts of stress, explain more about risk factors and associated health conditions, and educate you on exactly what happens when you are stressed. Learn more and move forward on your journey to mindfully manage your stress through well-being.

The negative impact of stress

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