Under the Influence: How Social Media Influences Your Daily Life [Infographic]

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For many of you, the first thing you do in the morning is to reach for your phone. In the evening, you may seem to do the same. It’s hard not to look at social media, check your email, or get wrapped up in work projects when you have everything you need at your fingertips. Even though it’s a wonderful blessing to connect with everyone you need to with a device that’s always in your pocket, you may find it hard to distance yourself from time to time.

Social media can also be just as hard on your wallet. For instance, 40 percent of Americans say they purchase an item or experience after seeing it on social media. When you constantly see what others have on the internet, it may be hard to stay away from the one-click buys, and the need to purchase things that others have. But, your mindfulness practices can help you stay away from your device to put money towards things that mean the most to you.

If you’re trying to stay off your phone more, you may want to replace it with an activity that will be easy to follow through with. To start your morning off on the right foot, do a meditation practice before you pick up your phone, and maybe journal before you go to bed. You may find yourself feeling a little lighter, sleeping better, saving money, and finding a deeper meaning throughout your days.

For more information on how social media affects your everyday life, check out the infographic below.

Under the Influence: 40% of Americans Have Purchased Something Seen on Social Media

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