Improve Your Heart Health at Home and Work [Infographic]

Published by Charles Francis on

By Andy Lavelle

Stress is ever-present, especially at work. There are always deadlines and difficult co-workers. There are budget issues and creative differences. And stress at work can make a significant impact on your heart health.

That’s important for many more people than you might realize, because over 90 million Americans suffer from heart-health related issues, including the after-effects of stroke. But there are plenty of ways to counteract stress at work, and being more mindful at work is a great place to start.

Meditation has been shown to have so many positive health effects, and there are countless strategies you can do at your desk—even just for a minute or two—that can help relieve the stress of the moment, the day, the week, or the job. In addition to mindfulness and meditation, what other strategies can help at work? This graphic explains a few that you can start trying today

Improve Your Heart Health at Home and Work


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