Why Problems Exist

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By Karan S. Haji

All spiritual masters say to resist nothing. Life holds various difficulties and tests, or problems as we would like to call them. The vast majority of these so called problems are illusions of the mind. Problems come in various forms, be it the rent we have to pay, the debt that needs to be repaid, injury, disease, poverty, humiliation, and so on.

The answer to any problem is simple: go within. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Every problem holds within it the very seed of enlightenment. Although this is difficult to gauge, it is true.

A life free of problems and disease can be lived through meditation and oneness with the higher consciousness. All difficulties come with the prospect of aligning yourself with the higher consciousness. There is no point in increasing your will power, or making your mind stronger, as these are just temporary solutions. It is wiser to understand that we can accept the problem as it is, and let it rest.

When the mind accepts the problem as it is, it relieves the self of the burden. Whenever the mind resists a problem, it increases in intensity. I have noticed this, as many of you might have experienced it for yourself. As Eckhart Tolle says, “Every incident in your life, every bit of suffering, is God’s will to bring you closer to the divine.” When Tolle says closer, he means aligned to the higher consciousness, to God.

When you embrace life, you embrace the difficulties that come with it, without your opinion on the subject. Only then can you flow freely through life. All of us have our share of suffering to deal with. One can either attract more suffering, or deal with the suffering with grace and detachment.

We are all, as human beings, aligned to a higher consciousness that is reaching out to us at every moment. We need to embrace this consciousness in order to live through meditation and spirituality. Only then can we live a life free of the inherent suffering that all human beings are subject to.


Karan S. Haji: an avid learner, sincere seeker, and wholehearted human being.


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