Why Health Incentives Are a Work Perk You Shouldn’t Overlook [Infographic]

Published by Charles Francis on

By Tiffany Jersey

Companies are changing what they promote as their culture and values. Take mindfulness and meditation, for example. More and more companies are understanding that the activities they partake in, what they encourage from their employees on a day to day basis, can dramatically impact the workplace, and their success.

Let’s come back to that meditation example, shall we? Meditation can give people’s brains a much-needed break. It can inspire them to look at things creatively. It can also reduce stress and enhance teamwork, which has led to many companies re-thinking their health benefits packages. If they encourage more mindful-focused health practices, then they’re also promoting a more healthful employee culture, one that realizes that the whole person contributes to the whole employee. And they’re also looking to help employees who may have focused on unhealthy practices to change their mindset. What does that look like? This graphic helps explain it.



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